Florian Dupuis

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Anywwwhere : My Agency website

Anywwwhere is my communication strategy company that I started in October, 2023 with my wife and UI/UX Designer Olivia Garlant├ęzec without whom I could not have launched it. I created this agency because I wanted to find a way to first keep working with my customer once working full-time for Group ADP and convert my continual prospects because I did not wanted to say no and lost it. So, I had to find a way to do it but I wanted to propose more that just development skills. I wanted to bring some design, ui ux, hosting, seo, sea and content writing. All these skills made a more complete web project.

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My stack for this project

I had to create the website pretty quick and thanks of my Tailwind UI licence I used a premade template : Studio which is great. I used the premade presentation texts to write my own texts, had the projects and connect the website to the Google My Business API to inforce the credibility of the young Agency through customer reviews.