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Orzale Sport : My first company passion project

Throwback to my early 20s when Nicolas, Baty, and I launched Orzale, a French goalkeeper gloves company. This project is one of the most significant and formative experiences that shaped my young career. It taught me a plethora of skills, not only in development but also in entrepreneurship in general. This experience instilled in me the confidence to embark on my development career directly as a freelance, despite lacking prior experience.

I was the driving force behind all aspects of glove creation, from conceptualization and sketching to selecting materials and technologies, designing packaging, and managing communication with our manufacturer based in Pakistan. Below are a few of my designs brought to life using Adobe Illustrator.

Below, you'll find examples of the editing work I could accomplish using my camera, Adobe Photoshop, and PDF catalogs with Adobe InDesign. I often captured photos myself or utilized those sent by customers through social media.

The instagram account is still active so you can see some of others works for the social medias by clicking the link

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Watch the 2020-2021 catalog

Video editing

Glove presentation (filming and editing)

In 2019, I decided to create a visual presentation montage for a new, very modern glove design that we had envisioned. To make a statement, I chose to tease the design/outline of the glove using After Effects.

Watch the presentation video

Glove presentation motion design

To set ourselves apart from our competition, we teased the new collection for our 2019 year and hosted a live event on social media to unveil it. Subsequently, we filmed presentation videos with the aim of developing a YouTube channel. We invested in video equipment for filming, notably in my own room! My colleague Nicolas created videos in French, while I also shot some videos for the English-speaking audience on YouTube. However, the company already demanded a lot of energy in other areas, and I couldn't keep up with the pace in terms of editing and publishing. As a result, these videos were never released.

Visit the YouTube channel

The website

I made the choice of using PrestaShop for the website. PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage online stores with ease. Launched in 2007, it offers a wide range of features including customizable themes, product management, order processing, customer management, and various payment and shipping options. PrestaShop is highly flexible and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. With a large community of developers and users, PrestaShop also benefits from a vast array of plugins and extensions, enhancing its functionality and customization options.

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Let's finished the project presentation with a photo of me with my first design gloves in 2018 in my West Liberty University suit !